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Testimonials - The Square One Experience

A whole new experience. I went to Square One in real pain and Jennie worked out the root cause of my back pain and put a plan of action into place to ease and relieve the pain. This meant I had to work at it, rather than expect to be pulled back into shape. The pain went and because I know what the cause was, I can avoid it reoccurring.
The questions, conversation, treatment and whole experience was professional, and to a standard I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone in similar discomfort. Square One provided a solution, not a quick fix that would mean the problem would return over time. Thank you.

Steve Hills

Several months ago I began having a dreadful pain in my right heel, like having a solid lump in the ball of your heel. Walking was extremely painful. I struggled along for weeks and eventually made an appointment to see a doctor. I was told that I had Planter Fasciitis and there is no cure other than to rest for at least 6 weeks.  For someone who walks 10 – 15 miles per week this was not good news. I also realised that the shoes I was wearing for walking were completely inappropriate so in some ways I was my own worst enemy.

Despite being totally unimpressed with that diagnosis I was at my wits end when through a friend of the family I was recommended to Square One in Odiham who use shockwave therapy to treat this problem.

I had 3 appointments and after the second treatment I felt much less pain in my heel and by the third I was virtually pain free. Each treatment was carried out by professionally trained staff and I can’t thank them enough for enabling me to walk properly again and without pain.

Please do not suffer with this problem, there is a treatment and for me at any rate, it worked. I have no hesitation in recommending Square One based in Odiham, a 20 minute drive from my home in Winchester.

Robert O’Neill – clinic patient

Square One is one of the best of its kind. The staff are all welcoming and helpful and Square One itself has a very relaxing atmosphere. I have complex back and neck conditions and first visited Square One in considerable pain. Since then, I have had two courses of physiotherapy and cannot believe the relief I am now feeling. I could not have had better treatment anywhere and have total trust in all the staff. I would highly recommend Square One to anyone, however complex or long-standing their condition is.

Morven Hart

I first hobbled into Square One on crutches to see Jennie six weeks after a serious multi-fracture to my ankle. By week twelve, thanks to Jennie’s expertise and encouragement, I could dispense with crutches and fracture boot and work towards my goal of walking without a limp. At week eighteen, Jenine began soft tissue work on my foot, ankle and calf. Thanks to both of these amazing ladies, by week twenty-four, I was not only walking without a limp but doing so in a golf competition. I cannot believe how lucky I was to find the Square One clinic and these practitioners and I highly recommend them both.

Norah McPhail

Having been to scores of physiotherapists and sports massage therapists over the last 25 years, I must say that Jenine and the Square One team really do stand out. The level of personal service and in-depth knowledge really comes through with every treatment I have had. The fact that Jenine and the team also support professional teams gives me absolute confidence I am in the right hands.

Kate Dedman

In terms of gym and swimming, I am now of the age where my mind and body are no longer synchronised in that my mind definitely thinks my body can do more than it can! I am equally of the age when it is even more important to keep fit and active and if it were not for Jenine, I would not be in the gym or swimming as often as I do.

Jenine is brilliant at keeping parts of my body working that I often abuse my overdoing things. I come in and complain about which bits hurt or talk about which limb is not moving as well as it should and she goes to work with her magic hands and sorts out the muscles. There is also the added benefit that Jenine is qualified at acupuncture and this is something I had never had done before until I met her and for me it certainly works and it is all part of the same treatment.

In terms of personality, Jenine is just awesome and so not only do you get your body fixed, but also your mind as well!

Highly recommended.

Colin Wilson

I’ve been seeing Jenine for over a year and I highly recommend her. Through her excellent hands-on treatment skills, I have been able to maintain my general well-being so I can perform effectively at work.
Jenine does not just cater for sports people; a great deal of people suffer with occupational injuries, like back pain and aches and pains relating to repetitive movement and overuse, all associated with everyday work activities. Jenine is very easy to get along with, confident in her approach, experienced and very personable.

Darrin Ormston

I met Jenine in 2014 while taking part in the Cosaveli Trois Etapes in the French Pyrenees. Jenine was assigned to work with our Solider On Cycling Team for the duration of the tour. Having never been involved in any cycling events before, Jenine was an instant natural and extremely professional in her approach to her work and time management. I had extended sessions everyday throughout the tour from Jenine to get the full benefits of her treatments. I would thoroughly recommend Jenine to anyone seeking muscular pain relief from a practitioner who is fun, understanding, determined and extremely competent.

Jo Hogan – Professional Australian Cyclist

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