Welcome to Square One…

Square One is a private physiotherapy, sports injury and manual therapy practice that specialises in a variety of professional musculoskeletal services, delivered by highly trained and experienced therapists.

Here at Square One, our purpose is to ensure individuals return to full fitness and function as safely and quickly as possible. Having a team of experienced and professional therapists allows us to employ a unique blend of assessment and diagnostic techniques to successfully assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries.

At Square One, we take pride in delivering the same professional and dynamic service to each and every one of our valued clients, regardless of the level of physical activity or sporting ability. The team of experienced and dedicated therapists at Square One can successfully assess, diagnose and treat sport, lifestyle, recreational and occupational related injuries, as well as provide extensive support through the rehabilitation and recovery process to promote health and well being.


Why Choose Square One?

  • Chartered Physiotherapists
  • Affiliated Sports Massage Therapists and Sports Therapists
  • Registered with all the appropriate governing bodies
  • Flexible early morning appointments from 7.00am
  • Flexible evening appointments until 9.30pm
  • No waiting lists
  • Same day appointments available
  • Payment with credit/debit cards, cash & cheque
  • Affiliated with all private medical insurance companies
  • A professional team with a wealth of experience

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