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Running Rehabilitation

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Running is a very popular form of exercise. Whether you are a regular at Parkrun, run for fun, are training for a 10k or marathon or take part in ultra marathons, running can take it’s toll on your body. There are so many factors associated with successful, enjoyable and injury-free running.

If you are struggling to achieve your running goals due to a new injury or an existing injury that is not resolving, or you feel there might be an issue with your technique that is related to your biomechanics, you could benefit from our Running Rehabilitation service.

Who is Running Rehabilitation suitable for?

  • People who are thinking of taking up running, who have had an injury or have concerns about what their body is capable of.
  • People with running related injuries such as achilles or hamstring tendonopathy, knee pain, ITB syndrome or plantar fasciitis to name a few.
  • People who want specific and customised guidance and advice on injury management, injury prevention, running technique and strengthening and conditioning.
  • People who have had an injury and had to stop running but want to get back to it but aren’t sure how to.

What does the Running Rehabilitation Package include?

Initial Assessment – (up to) 60 minutes

  • An in-depth discussion about running habits, challenges, successes and goals.A comprehensive physical analysis and testing of your biomechanics, strength, flexibility, balance, capacity and performance  – analysing all the factors that are involved in your running.
  • A full physiotherapy assessment.
  • A video analysis of your running technique on the treadmill.
  • An action plan for you to work on to help your running, which may include a combination of technique adjustments by way of specific running cues, drills, strength exercises and training advice.

Follow Up – 30 minutes

  • A review of your running technique.
  • A discussion about your progress, training program and any issues or concerns.
  • Progressing and advancing your exercises and/or further technique adjustments.


  • The initial assessment could last anywhere between 30 minutes and up to an hour, depending on the needs of the individual.
  • This service is not appropriate for athletes looking for specific running coaching.

Dependant on the findings of your assessment session, a recommendation may be made that you could benefit from one of our other services. This could include Sports Massage Therapy, Shockwave Therapy or Acupuncture.

How much does it cost? 

The Running Rehabilitation package costs £95.00 This includes an initial assessment and one follow up session.

A 30 minute Running Rehabilitation Follow Up Session costs £45.00.


What our patients say

I’ve been seeing Jenine for over a year and I highly recommend her. Through her excellent hands-on treatment skills, I have been able to maintain my general well-being so I can perform effectively at work. Jenine does not just cater for sports people; a great deal of people suffer with occupational injuries, like back pain…

Darrin Ormston

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