Antenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy


For new and expecting mothers

FitBack & Bumps is a unique antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy programme. It is unique in that it is led by a specially-trained Chartered Physiotherapist to ensure the safest levels of exercise for you and your baby. Square One physiotherapist Laura, has special training in ante/post natal exercise to deliver a safe and effective programme that helps you maintain fitness during pregnancy and restore it as a new mum. Laura is also there to offer advice and information to equip you with the tools to continue exercising safely and confidently after the course has finished.

The programme focuses on understanding the changes your body goes through and covers the following:

  • The importance of posture
  • Safe and effective exercises in pregnancy
  • Abdominal and pelvic floor muscle exercises
  • Learn how to physically prepare yourself for labour
  • Learn the invaluable skill of relaxation during labour
  • Make friends and meet other mums-to-be!

Each one-to-one session covers a short topic of discussion including the pelvic floor, safe exercise during pregnancy and physical preparation for labour, followed by gym ball and mat based exercises. You are also taught effective stretches to reduce joint and muscle stiffness.

This is more than just a prenatal exercise class. The exercises are designed specifically to support your changing body, with a special focus on your spine, abdomen and pelvic floor, aiming to make you feel better and reduce back and pelvic pain during pregnancy and to aid a quicker recovery after the birth of your baby.

We will supply you with exercise cards and an information booklet so you can continue your exercises at home or at the gym and an optional gym ball.

The benefits of the Antenatal Programme:

  • Reduced pelvic and back pain
  • Reduced incidence of stress incontinence
  • Stronger core
  • Improved posture


You can attend this programme after your 6 week check by your GP. This programme is a four x 30 minute session educational exercise programme designed to give you all the information you need to regain your flat tummy and fitness after pregnancy and birth. The programme looks specifically at how to regain a flat stomach, the importance of posture and developing your pelvic floor muscles to reduce the incidence of stress incontinence.

Each one-to-one postnatal session incorporates educational components with core stability and postural exercises. Exercises focus on the use of a gym ball which provide a dynamic surface to challenge and strengthen the muscles which are weakened through pregnancy. The whole programme is designed around giving you the tools to make exercise a way of life and to keep you motivated! We will supply you with exercise cards and an information booklet so you can continue your exercises at home or at the gym.

The benefits of the Postnatal Programme:

  • Reduced pelvic and back pain
  • A faster recovery following the birth of your baby
  • Reduced incidence of stress incontinence
  • Flatten your tummy after having your baby

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