Chronic Pain Management

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Chronic, persistent or long–term pain is pain continuing beyond 3 months or after healing should have occurred. It can affect adults or children. It can develop after tissue damage or inflammation but very often it cannot be explained. It is a complex condition with physical, social and psychological components. People suffering from chronic pain very often have severe disabilities, loss of independence and a poor quality of life. Most treatment approaches have no or only short term effects. Lots of research is currently conducted to explain the development of chronic pain, to find risk factors, to find ways to prevent it and to find the best management for it.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the management of chronic pain. It has been shown that education and understanding of all the factors involved in chronic pain can improve self efficacy, can give control over the pain and can lead to better coping mechanism or to the reduction of pain. Physiotherapists can help patients to understand how all factors, e.g. emotions, low mood and negative beliefs are influencing chronic pain and how best to deal with them. They can assist by setting up exercise programs, giving advice about a healthy lifestyle and improving maladaptive movement patterns, postures and behaviours.

What our patients say

In terms of gym and swimming, I am now of the age where my mind and body are no longer synchronised in that my mind definitely thinks my body can do more than it can! I am equally of the age when it is even more important to keep fit and active and if it…

Colin Wilson

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